Prayer Requests

Daily, Weekly, Randomly- it all counts.

Prayer is our most powerful resource, because God is our ultimate supply of life. Thank you for your time of prayerful thought over this journey. Below is a beginning list of ways you can be praying for the Race. 
Race Preparations: Supplies needed. Funding required. Heart wide open.
Squad Mates: Their needs and hearts and our acceptance of one another. This will be my community and daily support for all of 2014.
Communities: Preparing the needs and hearts of our future encounters, as well as setting up a path for success withing each country all to glorify the Lord’s desires.
Current works: Praying for Racers out on their journeys right now and for all of us at home. To not wait for the Race to share the love the Lord has called us to. 
Daily Interaction: For courage to speak boldly of my faith and plans to follow my heart. Confidence in the Lords plan for us all. 

Prayer needs are a two-way street so please contact me with any prayer requests that I can support for you, as well. 


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