Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” -Belle, Beauty & the Beast

Before I break into a Disney sing-a-long out on the road, I’d like to share about the course my heart has traveled thus far.

The Reader’s Digest: Freedom, Faith, The Call 

Exploration Growing up, my parents provided me with the freedom to explore my faith independently and craft a foundation of faith from my own heart. During late-middle-school/early-high-school, I tagged along to churches with many different friends. Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist. You name it, I’ve probably attended a service. (Recently, we stumbled into an African Methodist Episcopal Church. Jovial choir and all- it was a great sermon.)

Invitation Junior year (age 16), a teammate from dance invited me to dance in the Palm Sunday celebration service and I accepted. A: Because the word ‘dance’ will get me to sign up for almost anything. B: I hadn’t attended this church yet and I was still having fun adding to my church repertoire. Little did I know that…  it was the pastor’s daughter that invited me, this place would become my home church (finally), and she would become my soul-mate-best-friend. God enraptured my heart, my being. And I was baptized one year later on a beautiful Easter Sunday.

Wander-ation Junior year (age 20), my soul-mate-best-friend said “Hey, you should come to Haiti with me.” (I’m majorly paraphrasing.) After poorly planned fundraising, a ‘loan’ from my parents, and a devastating earthquake- we wound up in gorgeous Guatemala supplying families with clean water. Exposed to the diversity of God’s beautiful people and the far reaching story of His love for us all, the roots of my faith were secured. And the next year, it was Kenya’s smiling children and top-less safari vans.

Confirmation Me: Late nights browsing the internet for post-grad options. Too many options- a hard thing to decipher when its your future (dun-dun-dunnn). Peace Corps application- yes, this would be my path. Wait- remember that amazing thing you found, something about 11 countries? Hold on- do I really want to risk missing my family, potential weddings, life at home? God: Yes. I want you, need you. There are people who need you to show them My love. Trust in Me.

Signed, sealed, delivered. I’m Yours, God.


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