Define “world.”

“Change the world.”

The beautiful, swirling globe that we live on is a pretty magnificent piece of work. So complex with it’s natural systems, the constant ebb and flow of maintaining life on our planet is a miraculous daily occurrence. It’s always working and never stops. (Praise the Lord.) Amazing, but this is not the “the world.”

Our physical planet is simple compared to the mass of people running all over it. Identified by nations, races, beliefs. Operating as companies, governments, institutions. Striving for power, equality, freedom. The complexity of how our ‘people planet’ operates can be awe-inducing. And scary. While this is infinitely more challenging to understand than my Calculus 2 final exam (I passed- barely), I am thankful that there are structures that help us function as a conglomerate of people. But this is still not the “the world.”

Sights and sounds and objects. Flavors and scents. Studying our physical world and the impact of space on human experience was fascinating. (What’d I study?) The influence that designers, architects, and janitorial staff members have on our daily experience is wild. My coveted degree (paper in a frame, knowledge in my brain) will fit into my life-puzzle, but is not “the world.”

“The world” is what we experience in our heart / mind / soul. Each contains dreams, hopes, plans, fears. It exists in an undefined space. And it is built through relationship. Every thing a person (company, government, nation) will accomplish extends from this intimate core.  I’m packing up my world and taking it to see others, learn from others, and share with others. The more (my / your / her / his / their / our) world can do this, the better all of the definitions above become.

That is how I view the world, what about your view?

Join “The World” Race Team and connect your world to this journey.


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